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At Perfect Protect, supporting charities, both locally and nationally, is especially important to us. That is why we are always happy to look silly or test our endurance levels to the limit, as long as it means more for those who really need it. We are currently supporting Street Child with the ‘Schools for Tomorrow’ initiative: a project to transform education in 1,000 remote villages in Sierra Leone.

About Street Child:

Street Child believes every child deserves the chance to go to school and learn. Currently, 125 million school-aged children are out of education worldwide. Millions of more children are in school but failing to learn. Street Child believes that achieving universal basic education is the single greatest step that can be taken towards the elimination of global poverty.

Since 2008, Street Child has helped over 250,000 children to go to school and learn and supported over 25,000 families to set up businesses so they can afford the cost of educating their children long-term.”